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Digital DNA

‘’It’s not about your product, but what you stand for.”

Your companies identity is your most valabele asset. By applying the famous “golden circle” method of Simon Sinek we identify your companies DNA and make it explicit what you stand for. Furthermore we focus on the target audience you are trying to reach and make sure your message resonates with them.

Why is this important?

Your digital DNA reflects who you are

The attention span online is very short. Your website is like a first handshake; it determines in an instant how people portraits you let them decide they want to do business.

Digital DNA | Ripplestarters
Now we know even better who we are, what we stand for and most of all: where we want to go.

Jan-Kees van Lampen, CMO bij Inergy

Pim Betist | Ripplestarters
Pim Betist


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